Friday, 20 April 2007

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BBC RaW-Poetry in Somerset

we have have now had two write up's

SHOTS in: The Marshwood Vale, page 14 "First 'SHOT' is a hit" Issue 96 March 2007

SHOTS in: Book Time Page 5 "Worth a Shot..." April 2007

Deadline Approaching:

Hello and good morning,

Just a note to remind you the deadline for the next edition of SHOTS is fast approaching.

The submission and release dates are as follows:

Submission Dates:

23rd of February

23rd of June

23rd of October

Release dates:

On or just after 20th of March

On or just after 20th of July

On or just after the 20th of November


Quick Comp

Please write no more then 20 lines on quitting………what ever the addiction………its time to give up.


The winner and will receive a “THE BIG COLD TURKEY” quit pack worth over £9 quid.

Send you entrys to Dan at

Please address the email as cold turkey comp.